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Dai customs

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  Dai customs

  A man breasted collarless blouse or front sleeve, a pants, cold with blankets, with the Baotou white or green cloth.

  Tattoo custom is widespread, boy to eleven years old, please thorn in the chest, back, abdomen, waist and limbs of Bu of various animals, flowers, geometric pattern or Dai Wen etc. pattern that decoration.

  Women with traditional narrow sleeves jacket and skirt. Xishuangbanna Dai women, with white or pink underwear, small waist, hem width, a colored skirt. Mans and other women, marriage with light Dajin blouses, trousers, small beam loincloth, married to a Duijin, black skirt. Mainland Dai women's clothing and frontier is largely the same, but there are regional characteristics, so often is other people called "flower waist Dai", "big sleeve Dai".

  Dai to rice based diet, Dehong area and other places to eat rice, eat rice Xishuangbanna. Like drinking and eating spicy, delicious fish and other aquatic products. Generally have the habit of chewing the nut.

  Is Xishuangbanna, Theravada Buddhism concentrated Chinese therefore, the custom of the Dai taboo mostly related to buddhism. To Xishuangbanna tourism should pay attention to the following points:

  In the Dai people in worship God walled, never into the stockade.

  Can not touch the head of the little monk. Into the temple must take off shoes.

  Into the Dai People's home, do not look at the master bedroom, can not be crossed from the or the hall of the triangle.

  Huaping Dai bogey made dragon tree, Dai each village has a dragon tree, where a disaster, people offered sacrifices dragon tree, dragon misfortunes to avoid difficult, let the Thai Village auspicious.

  Dai also avoid the old not honour, they think Shouson elder is the most blessed copies, after the death of soul will become God, conveyed to protect people, so every holiday, village to say happy new year to the old man, to seek good luck from its mouth. All the best for the new year.

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