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Beijing new airport news

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  Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing will build 3 intercity railway passing through the new airport

  8 Intercity Railway First out, there have been a number of in accordance with the plan to start construction this year. "Starting line this year, 'the two fight two'." Jingtang intercity and Keihin intercity plans this year to start the construction, Langzhuo intercity and tie line linking both the old and the new capital airport railway also strive to start construction. Beijing, the city is also planning to start this year.

  Beijing, PA Langzhuo two intercity station in the capital of the new airport, intercity contact line will connect the new and old airport.

  The new airport will achieve three-dimensional transfer.

  New airport line of Beijing Metro

  A total length of about 39 km, until 2015 April only planning 4 station (station 1 is a reserved station), respectively is Caoqiao, magnetic Ge Zhuang, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics station building (terminal T1), and set aside the T2 terminal station. Beijing's new airport project will start construction in the fourth quarter of 2015, is expected to put into use in 2019.

  2, the latest design plan announced will build 4000 parking spaces


  Shaped like a starfish, China Southern is home, it is learned to build 4000 parking spaces.

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