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Africa by tribal Festival

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  Africa by tribal Festival


  Africa has a magical forces -- the Sahel Woda Bei tribe, the woman there is national in the world for women than men, it may be said is the daughter of the country.


  Where women can work in just ways polyandry.


  Every year, their tribe will hold a fierce men beauty contest, the judges and the audience are all female, and the beauty is a man, if the men are lucky to be female audience, whether the woman married or not can be smoothly brought home.


  The Africa tribe by Festival going on


  The mating section of the gerewol Festival is the annual West African nomads, the young man to please women need complex makeup, bring heavy jewelry, wearing traditional ceremonial dress painting, and traditional dancing to win the goodwill of the girls.


  A lucky person can get a lover or wife in this festival. Women can choose more than her husband, because in polyandry tribe, women have absolute freedom. It is also called "by day".

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