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Saudi Arabia to build the world's largest hotel

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  Saudi Arabia to build the world's largest hotel


  The location is located in the center area of the holy city of Mecca in Saudi arabia;


  About 200 000 pilgrims to attract to the local annual pilgrimage.


  Planning - the hotel will be composed of 12 towers, each layer is 44 storeys, with a total area of 140 square meters. Among them, 10 towers will be four stars, the other five for the two star. From the diagram, in the desert background wall, tyrant gold hotel with a green roof is magnificent.


  Room - 10000 rooms, the hotel also has a shopping center, with 70 restaurants food plaza, a large conference room, heliport and bus station facilities.


  Design - responsible for multinational companies hadassah.


  Style - a modern perspective on the interpretation of the traditional desert fortress, built a stunning landmark buildings.




  Subject tone - brown and white.


  Knowledge points - as of the 2015 world's largest hotel in which it?


  At present, the world's largest hotel is located in the United States Las Vegas, named "Venice people and the palace" hotel. This hotel has a Italy theme design, with more than 7000 rooms and different sizes of rooms, golf courses, and other facilities.

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