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Long march six launch success

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  Long march six launch success


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  The long march rocket number six "first show" has created a single number of the domestic satellite launch, second only to the United States and russia.


  1, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation marks a breakthrough and the satellite launch technology;


  2, for China's development of seriation, standardization of satellite emission device interface, promote small satellite technology development and application has laid the technical foundation;


  3, marking China's launch vehicle modernization, the modular aspect has taken a solid step.


  20 classic scenes of how the layout of the satellite


  "20 satellites are divided into 3 layers, arranged like the Pyramid.


  The bottom placed 5 key planets, including 2 teeth each holding 2 arms star planet;


  The middle layer has 4 main stars, including 1 stars star arms 5 planet,


  The top layer is the 1 main stars hold 1 planet."

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