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Russia hit IS

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  Russia hit IS


  the ministry of defence has published on youtube video channel massive strike precision weapons, infrastructure игил in syria


  today night naval strike group (ugc) navy of russia from the designated area of the caspian sea was a massive blow of a sea based cruise missiles ". the нк» infrastructure игил on syrian territory.


  cruise missiles successfully seized all the questions. the accuracy of the goals at the distance was not more than 3 meters.


  the objects are factories of projectiles and explosive devices, command posts, warehouses, ammunition, weapons and petrol, oil and lubricants, as well as the terrorist training camps.


  as the flagship ship combat team (ugc) was the rocket ship "дагестан» (draft 11661), total displacement of about 2000 tons, length of more than 100 meters. the ship is armed with a нк» precision missile complex ". the flight of cruise missile complex ". the нк» is at an altitude of up to 50 meters огибанием terrain.


  rocket ship "дагестан» can perform tasks at a distance of 4000 km from the sites.

  small rocket ships "hail свияжск»," углич», "great устюг» project 21631, had a displacement of about 1000 tons, the length is more than 70 meters. the main attack of ships of this project, a set of precision of missile weapons ". the нк» capable of effectively to reach targets at any time of the day, in the complex гидрометеоусловиях.

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