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Master of dead sperm

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  The latest news media said recently - Hongshan District People's Court of HUST graduate sperm death case are heard in public.




  It is understood, Jeong was the school of science, neuroanatomy and law in postgraduate students. The Affiliated Hospital of the University repeatedly mobilized, Jeong sperm agreed to join the team, in 11 days time has 4 sperm.


  Zheng one last time to donate sperm is February 12, 2011 day at 11 o'clock in the morning, he the 5th into reproductive center take fine room masturbation sperm donors, but the delay did not take fine room, from was found collapsed and died.


  With a view, Jeong within 11 days of sperm 4 times, a short period of time leads to excessive sperm exhausted and death.


  Experts said, does not exist "led" argument, donate sperm with normal sexual life ejaculation did not like, Jeong sperm happen sudden death and the number of sperm donors and there is no relationship.


  Some people because of physical reasons, in the course of normal sexual love, sudden death, medical professionals say that the sudden death.

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