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Sora Aoi could not bear the cause

2015-12-01 14:59:58  Author:HotNews Click:


  1, according to legend - AOI barren is because the shooting too much cause AV. It is reported Cang teacher from 18 into AV industry, took too many police lead to birth.

  2, reportedly AOI had an interview said that making adult films, male optimality skill is very good, but she does not feel good, said privately and her boyfriend's feelings are not the same.

  3, a veteran who broke the news - the well can not be a reason for the birth of the abuse of contraceptives.

  4, there are rumors that - the sea for many years, long time use of contraceptives, and a lot of time to do GG operation, resulting in Sora Aoi sterile.


  5, this is more ruthless - Sora Aoi in order to work without the influence, scrape away the endometrial, life can not be pregnant.

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