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4.5 meters live oarfish discovered in Mexico Bay

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  4.5 meters live oarfish discovered in Mexico Bay


  Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (Shedd Aquarium) organized experts to travel, they in Mexico Curtis sea (CORT (s) clear seawater found a live oarfish, its body is about 4.5 meters, the dorsal fin is almost with the body equally long.


  Appendix: oarfish (Regalecus glesne)


  Also known as Brun Hildy, trivial messenger of the Dragon King's palace, white Dragon King, dragon fish, big octopus, big herring king, Yaojiang fish, goldfish, fat fish, buy cattle, pretty, lean pork, Niu Bai, BN, earthquake fish, is one of Actinopterygii class month jumbly regalecidae.


  Widely distributed in the tropical sea. It is the longest marine teleost fish, bright silver body; red fin, paddle shaped, so English intended as "paddle fish". The dorsal fin was also red, very long, there are two storeys high, began as bristle head crown.


  It is rare in the water, it was occasionally seen, mistaken for "sea serpent". People often think they are sweeping across the sea floor, destroying all the monsters, and have been mistaken in Southeast Asia, the legend of the dragon".

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