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Zhe Ju

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  Features: the seclusion has been to avoid social hidden in the bedroom, which has lasted several years old, is under the influence of generation.

Zhe Ju

Zhe Ju

  Time: more than half a year

  Features: no contact with the community, do not go to school, do not work, not to the outside world, has been living in their confined space.

  Reasons: live in seclusion in Japan is very common, especially looking forward to success but the reality by the frustration of people, young people will choose to live in seclusion.

  Case: there is a boy who has been treated for 3 years in the bedroom, sleeping during the day and night to get up at night.


  His frustration turned out to be an exam in junior high school, and he was the monitor of the class. But he can now slowly adapt to the community.

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