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Kobe latest news

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  Kobe latest news


  Kobe recently went to visit Odom, to show the brotherhood. While Artest back to the Lakers, many fans are very concerned about Bryant's latest news, this is going to see Kobe Bryant, the latest news, do not focus on the winning or losing the game, only pay attention to the health of Kobe and not, below we see Bryant and Artest's partner.


  Kobe to see Ci Shiping's performance is very excited to say: "the impression is too deep...... I and he seemed to go back to the past time." This is not Chujingshengqing, then metta world peace and Kobe fought side by side, metta world peace not only on the pitch for Bryant Hangxiazhangyi, act as a bodyguard, and in the OTC is Kobe Bryant "shutdown" joke, introverted Bryant at that time really little not the fighter is funny material experts, they were the last time is too recalls.


  Ci Shiping is very excited to say: "Kobe is my last few years has been the key reason for the effort...... I always wanted to come back and fight with Kobe, I can clearly remember and play together with Kobe, remember he made sacrifices for the team, he has been very hard, it can be completed in the game, the perfect shot, showing that people can say that he is selfish, but in the game, he has the courage to take responsibility on his shoulders, face more pressure, it is not easy to do this."


  From metta world peace these words is not difficult to see that the metta world peace to Bryant's dedication to admire, Kobe is close to worship, he has been the Kobe as a mirror of their own unremitting, are now back and Kobe fought side by side is one of his greatest wish.

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