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People are dynamic development

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  Comment on: people are dynamic, can not say you good today is always good to go, there are a lot of people to land grab, hit wherever he goes, you keep it? Odom facing rival harden intrusion (side here do not know Odom wife active seduce or harden seduce Oddo Mu wife, it is unclear), but that was a fact - that is - no permanent friends, only permanent interests, there is no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.


  Positive people will be prepared for danger in times of peace, when the risk does not appear before would have been aware of the risks, then the risk has been reduced by half, but we think Lamar Odom in him the happiest time would have thought that his wife might betray him or he abandoned it? We don't think that, he did not think of these things, so when he covet enjoyment, stoop, until the knee in the sword. I do not rise, also degenerate, resulting in today's life is at stake. What a pity, poor people must be hateful, probably just this.


  Us to be vigilant in peace time, can avoid many unnecessary risks, to advance the prevention check leakage fill a vacancy, be prepared in advance, life can not coffee, a click is the scene of the, who are not things. Through the ages in busy - Kuan had five cut six, to miscues, and finally beheaded, can be described as a typical case. Don't forget the funeral of the division.


  We look forward, walk on Sunshine Avenue, anteriormo Chou no friends, dead ahead is full of spring.

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