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Philadelphia Eagles

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  Beijing time October 20th morning at 8:30, the Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York giants. The two teams with a long history, each district rivals. The ultimate giant 7-27 is no match for the eagle.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

  The opening of the first round attack, the giants played very smoothly, Eli Manning (Eil Manning) 5 to 5, and finally by the external Odell - Beckham Nova (Odell Beckham) middle catch touchdown. The next wave of anti attack each other after the Hawks find the feeling, first pass and advance on the ground, then quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford) a 23 yard fatal long pass found wide receiver Riley Cooper (Riley Cooper), who catch a touchdown. After another round of ball game changed hands in the second quarter, the giants again get the chance to attack, but this time Manning's pass was the eagles cornerback (Nolan Carroll) steals, and directly back into the 17 yard touchdown. After the two sides have not been able to get in the first half of the last 7 seconds, the eagle with a shot will be divided into 10 points.

  In the second half, the two sides have been in error, the right to send each other. In the chaos of the war, the eagles seize the opportunity, a wave of ground based attack into the other red area, and finally by the running Murray - Mark (Murray DeMarco) 12 yards. In the fourth quarter, the giants attack is still no improvement, the eagle through the shot continues to pull the score to 20 points.

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