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Access letter

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  Access letter


  Dear Andy,


  I’m so glad that you’ll be here with me and my family for the summer holiday. I’m writing to express our warm welcome and introduce the activities during your stay here.


  In the morning ,some activities at school will be arranged. You’ll visit our classrooms, reading rooms, labs, and so on. We’ll take this opportunity to exchange our views, talking about school life, and so on.


  In the afternoon, you can tour around the city. And I’ll act as your tour guide. Our city has changed a lot and takes on a new look. You can see what is our city like with your own eyes.


  At night , we can watch TV, play games and talk about what we’re interested in. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself. I’m looking forward to your coming.


  Yours sincerely,


  Li hua

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