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Hainan Secretary of the governor advertising

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  Hainan Secretary of the governor advertising


  Quote - "you want to buy a house to go to Hainan to buy ah, after it is hard to say, the price will be high to what extent".


  Who asked "do you think the price will go up again?"


  "Sure to rise well! To buy buy as soon as possible." Secretary of the Hainan governor is not ambiguous, tirelessly to their own reasons, "Hainan is a piece of treasure, the land resource is limited, people's understanding of Hainan is more and more in place."


  2014, Hainan air quality rate accounted for 99% of the number of days in the number of days; Hainan island waters one or two types of sea water quality reached 95%, including the jurisdiction of the South China Sea area of 2 million square kilometers, is basically a water quality.


  "Go to Hainan deep breath", "ecological island, health Island, longevity island" has become the most bright business card in Hainan.


  This health, money to buy it? A billionaire, he was able to take the Hainan to buy it?!"


  "Can not buy a house to buy it!", "now the price is the most suitable!"


  "There must be a lot of debt, and there are a lot of problems". Hainan will strengthen the next step of transport infrastructure, this year will be the construction of 2 to 3 highways, and to promote the construction of the port, the expansion of Haikou, Sanya airport.


  "But also to enhance the civilized quality of the island, to governance" dirty and messy, traffic jam, "including the quality of hotel service industry software to vigorously promote."


  This is the hard truth, improve the quality and infrastructure construction, perfect matching, combined with positioning and scientific construction of international tourism island for a world-class international tourism area in a short period of time, the par or even beyond - Maldives, Dubai, Hawaii.

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