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Super earth is confirmed to exist

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  Super earth is confirmed to exist


  British media news


  Recently, British scientists said, commonly known as "super earth" and "planet Gliese 581d" does exist.


  The size of the planet Gliese 581d is about 3 times the size of the earth. It is the first planet in the habitable zone to be found outside our solar system. It is called the "super earth" ".


  22 light years from earth, in the vastness of the universe is a neighbor".


  Gliese 581d around Gliese 581 revolution, and is located in the habitable zone, human potential space colonists, known as "super earths".


  The significance of super earth


  Gliese 581d 'is a matter of great importance, because it is the first time we have found earth like planets in the habitable zone of another star.


  The latest progress - with the help of more accurate methods, British scholars said has confirmed the Gliese 581d really do exist. "Scientists often discuss methods of data interpretation, but I am confident 'Gliese 581d' has been in orbit 'Gliese 581' rotation."


  Maybe there's an alien life on that.

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