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Ganymede three seas

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  Ganymede three seas


  The news media - the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) 12 announced that solar maximum satellite Ganymede ice under a piece of salt water of the sea.


  Ganymede three named "cover gnymd", is orbited Jupiter the largest satellite orbital period of about 7 days. Its diameter is greater than mercury, which is about half the mass of mercury and the largest in the solar system.


  Scientists speculate that Ganymede's surface there is a piece of salt water of the sea, before it was a speculation, but now, with the help of this conjecture has been sent back to the Galileo spacecraft and the Hubble Space Telescope data confirmed.


  This ocean exists in the thickness of about 150 thousand meters under the ice sheet, the depth of about 100 thousand meters, is 10 times the depth of the earth Shanghai ocean. The water temperature is enough to keep it in liquid form.


  "The Harbert Space Telescope's observations have confirmed that there is a salt water ocean beneath the surface of solid wood three."


  "And when" exploration of the icy moons of Jupiter 'detector into the final orbit Ganymede, it will become a result is very rich and exciting scientific project. "


  This planet is a bit scary, one hundred thousand meters deep, my days.

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