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Su Dongpo anecdotes

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  Prelude To Water Melody Su Shi, Dongpo jushi. A great writer, China's Northern Song dynasty. He was in good taste the poetry calligraphy and painting as Chinese cultural treasures, into the room for the people civilians widely read humorous sentences. Below we have a look at Su Dongpo's anecdotes with the OK information network.


Su Dongpo anecdotes

Su Dongpo anecdotes


  Dongpo and Foyin: according to legend, Su Dongpo was banished to Huangzhou after a few years. One evening, he and his friends fo Yin on the Yangtze river. Just drink a toast, Su Dongpo suddenly by hand to a riverbank, smiling without a word. But then looking, I saw a yellow dog is gnawing a bone. But if the enlightenment, then write their hands with verses from Su Dongpo fan thrown into the water, two people each, laugh. The original this is a pair of dummy contact, Su Dongpo the couplet is: "dog bite River (monk) bone"; fo Yin of the second line of a couplet: "water Dongpo Poetry (a corpse)".

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